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November 1, 2016

Clark-Arcadia Fields Lot Line Change– 285 Shunpike Road and 221-231 Shunpike Road.  Public Hearing.  The application request is for the transfer

of approximately fifteen acres of land from Michelle Clarke to Arcadia Fields,

LLC. The property is zoned RL 5.  (Kirk Horton, L. S.)

Kaye-St. Peters Church Lot Line Change– 692 Deep Hollow Road.  Public

Hearing.  The application request is to convey 3.31 acres from lands of Stephen

Kaye from their existing 15.84 acres parcel to St. Peters Church.  The property

is zoned RR 10. (Brian Houston, L.S.)

Barry Cord, 1203 Shunpike Road- Pre Application Discussion for subdivision of

a 29.34 acre parcel into two lots to create a farm distillery. The property is zoned RL 5.

Tuxis Corporation Special Permit– 3814 Route 44, Mabbettsville.  Old Business.

Tuxis proposes to expand the existing storage facility containing 142 units.  The

lot containing the deli bar is a separate, adjoining lot from the lot containing the

storage units.  Tuxis proposes to remove the existing deli bar and accompanying

septic.  The lots will be merged as part of this land use application.  The property

is zoned HM. (Attorney John Mackey, Mackey, Butts & Wise, LLP)