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Millprop III LLC Upper Butterfly Pond Improvements – 480 Oak Summit Road.

Public Hearing.  The application request is for removal of sediment and invasive

aquatic weeds from a one half acre landscape pond (Upper Butterfly Pond).  The

property is zoned RR 10.  (Brad Roeller)

Clark-Arcadia Fields Lot Line Change – 285 Shunpike Road and 221-231 Shunpike Road.  New Business.  The application request is for the transfer of

approximately fifteen acres of land from Michelle Clarke to Arcadia Fields LLC.

(Kirk Horton L.S.)

Kaye -St. Peters Church Lot Line Change – 692 Deep Hollow Road. New Business.  The application request is to convey 3.31 acres from lands of Stephen

Kaye from their existing 15.84 acres parcel to St. Peters Church.  The property

is zoned RR 10. (Brian Houston L.S.)

Patricia Donoffo – pre-application discussion for special permit to allow construction of a one bedroom apartment in the existing barn at 450 North Tower

Hill Road.  The property is zoned RR 10.

Josephine Sherratt- Pre-application discussion for special permit to operate
a children’s wholesale company business and design for the Dr. Hammnond
Building, Route 44, Mabbettsville.