Planning Board

The Planning Board is charged with administering the land use and subdivision regulations for orderly, efficient and economical development of the town. The Planning Board is comprised of a seven member volunteer board.
  • Paul Schwartz – Chair
  • Laura Briggs
  • Donald Hanson
  • Edvard Jorgensen
  • James Shequine
  • James Cornell
  • Robert Kulpa
  • Planning Board Secretary – Nikki Caul – 677-8080

MEETINGS begin at 7:30 PM at the Town of Washington Town Hall

  • Regular session on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Workshop session on the last Tuesday of each month. The workshop meeting is an open meeting and the public may attend but may not speak except by permission of the Planning Board.
  • Special meetings may be called by the Planning Board Chair and shall be noticed pursuant to the Open Meetings Law.
  • If the date of any meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather, lack of quorum, or other conflict, the meeting will be scheduled for another night and the new meeting day and time will be posted and made public pursuant to the Open Meetings Law.





  • All submittals are due no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on the Tuesday prior (1 week) to the workshop meeting. There shall be no exceptions.


  • All applications shall include the following:
    1. Original and four (4) copies of the completed application forms with supporting affidavits.
    2. Two full-size sets of maps and two reduced size (24” x 18” / “C” size sheet) sets of maps depicting the proposed activity and prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Town Zoning Law and Subdivision Regulations as follows:
      1. Subdivision Sketch Plan – §41 of the Subdivision Regulations
      2. Subdivision Preliminary Plat – §42 of the Subdivision Regulations
      3. Subdivision Final Plat – §43 of the Subdivision Regulations
      4. Site Plan/Special Permit Application – §483 of the Town Zoning Law

Note: Survey information must be recent or recently re-certified by a New York State Licensed Surveyor.

Short Form Environmental Assessment Form. Applicants are advised that the Planning Board may require the applicant to provide a Long Form Environmental Assessment Form where the Board determines that the Short Form does not provide sufficient information about the application.

  1. Agricultural date statement, if applicable.
  2. Recent aerial photo at a scale of 1:200 or less with tax parcels delineated.


  1. All applications and submittals are formally received as of the date of the next regular meeting.
  2. Maps and supporting documentation will be forwarded by the Town to the Planning Board’s Planner and the Planning Board’s Engineer upon receipt.
  3. All maps must comply with the Town requirements for preliminary plats and site plans. In addition, all submissions must contain enough engineering data to enable a proper engineering and planning review in accordance with the Zoning Law. If maps either fail to comply with the code requirements or are so deficient as to fail to support a proper engineering and planning review, the result may be the denial of approval and the requirement of a new application and applicable fees.
  4. The Planning Board’s Planner shall conduct an initial review for completeness and zoning compliance and shall prepare a report to the Planning Board. The Town Planner may request the assistance of the Planning Board’s Engineer and the Town Attorney during the completeness review. The Planning Board’s Planner may contact the project applicant, or the applicant’s identified professional, regarding any items found to be incomplete.
  5. A public hearing will be set only after the Board is satisfied that the applicant has addressed all comments and questions to the satisfaction of the Board.
  6. An application is not considered to be complete until a Negative Declaration has been issued or a DEIS has been received and declared complete.
  7. The Board shall act on an application within 62 days of the close of the public hearing on a complete application.



  1. Prior to making a decision on the application, the Planning Board shall make a determination of significance under the State Environmental Quality Review Act. The Planning Board may open the public hearing prior to the determination of significance in order to obtain public comment on the issues of environmental concern.
  2. Decisions of approval or disapproval will be made no more than sixty two (62) days after the closing of a public hearing on a complete application. The decision of the Planning Board will be filed with the Town Clerk within five (5) business days of the date of the decision.
  3. Disapproval of an application will require the resubmission of a preliminary application if the applicant wishes to pursue further consideration of the plan.
  4. Conditional approval of a Plat will expire on the one hundred eightieth (180th) day after the conditional approval granted by the Planning Board. Upon request, the Planning Board may extend the conditional approval for no more than two (2) additional periods of ninety (90) days each, if the request is warranted and received in a timely manner.
  5. The Plat will be void if it is revised after Planning Board signature. No changes, erasures, modifications or revisions shall be made on any plat after the plat has been signed by the Page 3 Board. If the recorded plan contains any changes, the plat shall be considered void, and the Planning Board shall take action to remove the plat from county records.


  • All fees are due at the time an application is submitted. Application and Administrative fees are not refundable. Fees shall be paid with separate checks to cover the following: (1) Escrow Funds; and (2) Application and Administrative Fee. Recreation Fees are due and payable at the time of Final Subdivision Approval. The signature of the Chair on the final plat will be withheld pending payment of all outstanding amounts. Checks shall be made payable to the Town of Washington.
  • Applications which are on the agenda and where applicants or their representatives make an appearance before the Planning Board for greater than four meetings will be assessed $100.00 per month that the application is on the agenda and is heard by the Board. This $100.00 per month fee is to cover administrative costs to process these applications.

Fee Schedule (Click Here for Fee Schedule PDF file)


Escrow Funds Schedule

  • $500.00 Initial Deposit.
  • The fee will be used to pay the cost of consultant fees incurred by the Planning Board to review the application.
  • The Initial Deposit amount may be adjusted up or down by the Planning Board based upon the type, size and complexity of the application.
  • The applicant shall be periodically advised as to the need to replenish the Escrow Funds.
  • Any unexpended deposit amounts will be returned to the applicant.
  • Approval of all applications is expressly conditioned on the payment of all fees, including all escrow fees.

The above forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download it for free from the link below: