Agenda July 13, 2017



JULY 13, 2017

Supervisor Gary Ciferri:

  • Pledge of Allegiance

Bookkeeper Dana Sukow:

  • Monthly report

Highway Superintendent Joseph Spagnola:

  • Monthly report
  • Salt Shed

Town Clerk Mary Alex:

  • Monthly report
  • Update Town Hall Improvements

SEQR Determination

Revision to Bid Package

  • Highway Garage – Charlie Erts: Lighting & Floor

Supervisor Ciferri:

  • Correspondence from County Executive Molinaro regarding Sales Tax extension
  • Request a motion for the following Resolution

RESOLUTION in Support of Sales Tax Extender

WHEREAS, the County of Dutchess has made a request to the NYS Senate and the NYS Assembly for the extension of the 0.75% sales tax; and

WHEREAS, the New York State Assembly has tied 53 counties’ sales tax extenders to the New York City Charter Schools and the extension of mayoral control; and

WHEREAS, if the State Legislature does not pass the Dutchess County Sales Tax Extender, there will be a loss of almost $5 million in 2017 and more than $37.7 million in 2018; and

NOW, THEREFORE, the Town of Washington encourages the New York State Senate and the NYS Assembly to swiftly adopt the 2017 sales tax extender and Senate Bill S6566 which will end the need to return every two years to seek support for this important revenue stream that enables Dutchess County and the Town of Washington to address property taxes and continue the programs and services upon which our residents rely.

Supervisor Ciferri:

  • Attorney Battistoni:

Resolution of Introduction to Solar Law

Councilman Turletes:

  • Recreation Update

Councilman De Bonis:

  • Planning & Zoning

Supervisor Ciferri:

  • Public Input
  • Review Claims
  • Close Meeting

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