Stanford Road Culvert Repair Bid Award

This resolution is a true and correct copy of the minutes of May 11, 2017.

The following resolution was offered by Councilman Murphy, who moved its adoption, seconded by Councilman Audia, to wit:

Resolution to Award Bid

A Resolution Awarding the Bid to Fastracs Inc. for the Stanford Road Culvert Repair Project

Whereas, the Town of Washington has determined that replacement and repair of a culvert, abutment walls, decking and railing at Stanford Road requires replacement and repair; and

Whereas the Town has received approvals from the necessary permitting agencies; and

Whereas, the Town has sought bids for the project; and

Whereas, the following bids have been received:

Company Name Bid                      Contingency      Total
 Rosse Environmental $246,402.00      $30,000.00       $276,402.00
Fastracs Inc. $178.500.00      $30,000.00       $208,500.00
Ben Ciccone $483,837.00      $30,000.00       $513,837.00
Legacy Supply $475,000.00      $30,000.00       $505,000.00


Whereas, the project engineer has reviewed all of the bids and has recommended the Town accept the bid offered by Fastracs Inc., and

Now, Therefore Be it Resolved that the Town Board of the Town of Washington award the Stanford Road Culvert Repair Project to Fastracs Inc., with the following bid:

Fastracs Inc.    $178.500.00      $30,000.00       $208,500.00


The vote was as follows:

Supervisor Ciferri:       Aye

Councilman Turletes:  Aye

Councilman Audia:      Aye

Councilman De Bonis: Absent

Councilman Murphy:  Aye

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