Planning Board Agenda


May 2, 2017

Dutchess Day School – 415 Route 343. New Business.  The application request

is to build tennis courts on the existing sports fields.  (Chris Colby) Dut. Co.

Tax Map Grid No. 267806


Kagan Subdivision– 227 Jameson Hill Road (Andrew & Sandra Kagan)

Public Hearing.  The application request is for the subdivision of a 76.3 acres parcel into two lots of 17.23 acres and 59.3 acres.  The property is zoned RL 5. Board approval is required to approve the amended plat of 12/6/16.  (Brian

Franks, LS,PC) Dut. Co. Tax Map Grid No. 040918


Lowell Morse LLC Wetlands Special Permit– 1045-1057 Chestnut Ridge Road.

Continued Public Hearing.  The application request is for a wetlands permit to

allow building a 380 s.f. bedroom and bathroom addition to an existing accessory

structure.  The proposed addition is 72.5 ft from an existing seasonal pond on the

property.  The property is zoned RR 10.  Dut. Co. Tax Map Grid No.  997871


Tuxis Corporation Wetlands Special Permit– 3814-3826 Route 44, Mabbettsville.

Continued Public Hearing. Tuxis Corporation proposes to expand the existing

storage facility containing 142 units. The lot containing the dairy deli is a separate

adjoining lot from the lot containing the storage units.  Tuxis proposes to remove

the existing dairy deli and accompanying septic.  The lots will be merged as part

of this land use application.  The proposed work will consist of an expansion of

the storage facility.  The proposed work is to occur in the wetland buffer as shown

on the Site Plan prepared by Sloan Architects.  The property is zoned HM.  Dut.

Co. Tax Map Grid. Nos. 680502, 666482




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